Emergency Boardup Services

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Exposing your home to the elements increases repair costs and lengthens the time it takes to restore your family’s life back to normal. Protect your home with Complete Restoration emergency Board-Up services. We act swiftly to make sure your home is completely protected – from the elements, for security, and for your peace of mind.

Why Emergency Board-Ups are Important

There are numerous reasons to board up a home or business after a disaster, but these are the most important:

Protection from the elements. 

Your home or business can take a beating from high winds, heavy rains and debris when a storm comes rolling in. Broken windows, torn up roofs and walls can let in the element – rain, snow and wind – which can cause interior damage to your property as well as to its contents. The buildup of water can ruin carpets and warp floors, as well as damage the property’s electrical system. The other danger is that mold can begin to grow within just a day or two and begin to spread, causing even more damage to your home or business.

Protection from animals.

A wild animal doesn’t require a lot of space to get inside, even a small broken window can allow the unwanted guests into your home. Dogs, raccoons, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, mice and other pests can cause significant damage once inside a building. Not only will they track dirt everywhere, but they’ll tear up furnishings, and urinate and defecate anywhere they can.

Protection from vandals.

The sad truth is that even after the worst of storms has passed through, there will always be those who will take advantage of the situation and help themselves to whatever is inside a damaged home. They could do even more damage by breaking things or even spray painting the walls. The worst case scenario is that they will steal anything they can get a hold of – money, artwork, electronics, event pets. With the house unoccupied for the time and the security equipment possibly being damaged or down due to loss of power, they may get away with the theft.

If you’re in need of emergency boardup services, call the certified experts at Complete Restoration. We will arrive on site quickly with all of the equipment and tools need to stabilize and protect your home or business, no matter the size. We will not leave the property until we have the building protected and secured from the elements, animals and vandals.

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